Occupational Safety and Health Program

Klaim asuransi kesehatan

Occupational health and safety programs at the workplace is important. The aim of the program is to protect the interests of the employees, the Company and the surrounding community from the dangers and negative effects resulting from accidents or work processes. For employees, occupational health and safety program is the expectation of the availability of health and safety assurances during operations of the business, so that employees can work optimally without any concerns on health and safety issues.

Given the importance of these issues, the Company always prioritizes the occupational health and safety issues at work and regularly conducts fire drills as an effort to train employees on how to rescue themselves from fire hazards.

Fire drills are for more than just the fire itself but also on how to reach evacuation routes of the building which will help in the event of a power outage, gas or chemical leak, or other emergency situations that may occur at the office.

Fire drills ensure that the employees exit the building in a timely manner and that they know their designated meeting area or assembly point, this will help the rescue efforts in the event an employee is unaccounted for during an actual emergency.

Blood Donors
Currently the Indonesia Red Cross (PMI) still cannot meet the existing need for blood. To help save a life, to those in need of blood since 2004, the Company has organized social caring action in collaboration with the Indonesia Red Cross (PMI). This activity took place at the surroundings of Gedung Wisma Sudirman, Puri Datindo, in Jakarta.

Blood donation is organized as a form of the Company’s big family caring towards those in need. Through a blood donation program all levels of society is reminded to preserve empathy and tolerance towards others and as a part of social values.

Using the theme of “Blood Donation For Our Fellow”, “Dayin Peduli” committed to help society in need, because a drop of blood means a lot for other people’s life. The activity was run successfully by looking at the number of enthusiastic participants that increases compared to that of previous years

Support to the doctorSHARE Program 

In support and express concern for the activities carried out by institutions that care about the health issues faced by Indonesia, the Company through Dayin Peduli cooperated with doctorSHARE Program and contributes regularly through monthly donations.
It is expected that “Dayin Peduli” can contribute to the government’s problems of the availability of health facilities, problems in nutrition insufficiency for the poor who are scattered in remote and rural regions in Indonesia as well as to the health services for victims of natural disasters.

In 2015, doctorSHARE also conducted a variety of medical services by the use of a Floating Hospital up to medical services using the latest program, FlyingDoctor.