Financial Education and Literation

Implementation of financial education aims so the public can determine which product and/or financial services that suitable with their needs, the public must understand correctly benefits and risks, knowing rights and obligations also believes that product and/or financial services chosen can increase public welfare.

For the public, Financial Literation provide substantial benefits, such as :

  • Able to choose and utilize product and/or financial services that suitable with needs.
  • Able to perform better financial planning.
  • Be spared from investment activities in not coherent financial instruments.
  • Obtain understanding concerning benefits and risks of product and/or financial services.

Financial Literation also provide substantial benefits for financial services sector. Financial Institutions and the public need each other so the higher Financial Literation level, then more and more people will utilize product and/or financial services.

To support Financial Literation enhancement plan and refer to Financial Service Authority Regulation No. 01/POJK.07/2013 on Consumer Protection in Financial Service Sector, then ADM have implement education and socialization activities on :

a. Blood Donors (October 2015)

In cooperation with Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and PT. Panen Lestari Basuki as place facilitator.

Objectives :
To provide understanding in respect of the benefits of insurance for formal employee whom working around Wisma Sudirman and Puri Datindo, Jakarta.

Activities in related with education literation contents of :
• Introduction on Loss Insurance contents of :
– Understanding of Risk
– Insurance Principles
– Loss Insurance Products
– How to Properly Insured.
• Insurance quizes

b. Agency Gathering (November 2015)

Objectives :
• The Company Agent can role actively in providing education to consumer and/or       public.
• Provide facility and accommodation to ADM Agent who will organize education to    consumer and/or public.

Activities in related with education literation contents of :
• Socialization/Presentation POJK No. 02/POJK.05/2014 regarding Good                      Corporate Governace for Insurance Companies.

• Socialization/Presentation POJK No. 02/POJK.05/2014 article 76 regarding              Guidance Behaviour and Business Ethics.
Socialization/Presentation regarding Know Your Consumer (KYC).