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Scholarship and “Like To Read” Movement

Scholarship Program Understanding the importance of developing education for advancement of man power in Indonesia, PT Asuransi Dayin Mitra Tbk committed itself to take part through a Working & Learning Scholarship Program. The Program has started in 2012, PT Asuransi Dayin Mitra Tbk cooperated with Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Resiko & Asuransi Trisakti (STIMRA) and Sekolah […]

Financial Education and Literation

Implementation of financial education aims so the public can determine which product and/or financial services that suitable with their needs, the public must understand correctly benefits and risks, knowing rights and obligations also believes that product and/or financial services chosen can increase public welfare. For the public, Financial Literation provide substantial benefits, such as : […]

Occupational Safety and Health Program

Occupational health and safety programs at the workplace is important. The aim of the program is to protect the interests of the employees, the Company and the surrounding community from the dangers and negative effects resulting from accidents or work processes. For employees, occupational health and safety program is the expectation of the availability of health and safety assurances during operations of […]